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Grails & Invisible Comics

January 3, 2022

COMICS TODAY! TOPIC: We chat with Reapertate and Doug Bratton about comic grails and invisible comics from Bad Idea.


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💎 ABOUT REGIE COLLECTS: Regie here, your friendly neighborhood bodybuilder and comic book collector, and I want to welcome you to my YouTube channel. If you are new to comics, newly returning to comics or are a long-term collector, there is something here for you. My channel is a mixture of comic book hauls, CGC unboxings, and practical advice that is designed to make us ALL smarter about comic book collecting. I don’t tell you what to think but I do give you a few things to think about. Videos are uploaded daily from Monday - Thursday at 3:30 PM Eastern. I also go live a few times a week including my ongoing live streams: Ready, Set, Go, Preview show (Sunday’s at 7:30PM Eastern) and Comics Today! (Wednesday’s at 7:00PM Eastern)Grails

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